Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I need to type in my online banking ID and password?

Your online banking ID and password allows your bank to verify your identity and connect you to your bank account from the merchant’s site or app. We do not store or share your online banking login information.

Why should I use PayWithMyBank instead of a credit or debit card?

PayWithMyBank is simply more convenient than a credit or debit card. It allows you to pay or get paid online in seconds by using nothing more than the one username and password you most likely have memorized: your online banking ID and password.

Don’t ever waste time again, get frustrated or even abandon an online payment because you didn’t have your wallet or checkbook on hand to track down your account numbers. Pay conveniently without leaving your chair!

PayWithMyBank also helps you avoid credit card debt by allowing you to pay only with money you have in your bank account.

Why should I use PayWithMyBank instead of my PayPal account?

Next time you’re staring at a PayPal login to pay for something online and cannot remember your password, just think PayWithMyBank; use the same online banking ID and password that you use all the time. Don’t waste time again, get frustrated or abandon a payment because you don’t have your PayPal password memorized!

Do I need to create a PayWithMyBank account before I can start using it?

No, there is no PayWithMyBank account to create. All you need is your online banking ID and password because your payment account is simply your existing bank account.

How does PayWithMyBank work without an account?

With PayWithMyBank, your existing online banking account is your payment account. Most people feel that they have too many accounts and passwords already, and don’t want to create yet another one. We keep it simple!

Do I need my bank account and routing numbers to use PayWithMyBank?

No. All you need is your online banking ID and password to connect directly to your bank account.

Do I need my debit card to use PayWithMyBank?

No. All you need is what you use all the time: your online banking ID and password.

Can I still use PayWithMyBank even if I don’t see my bank in the dropdown list?

Yes! You can use PayWithMyBank to access any U.S.-based bank account. If you don’t see your bank in the dropdown list, select “All Other Banks.” Then enter your bank account and routing numbers found at the bottom of a check, as well as your driver’s license number in some cases.

We know that this is not as convenient as simply using your online banking ID and password to connect to your bank. We cover approximately 90% of the US banking population and we’re always adding more banks to our network.

Can I use PayWithMyBank for recurring payments?

Yes, you can easily use PayWithMyBank at subscription-based businesses to set up a recurring payment plan or “auto pay.”

What if I need to get a refund on a payment?

It’s very easy to get a refund. With PayWithMyBank, the money goes straight back into your bank account. Simply request a refund from the merchant or biller where you made your online payment.

Why is PayWithMyBank the smartest way to donate?

No matter what amount you donate, more of your donation goes to the nonprofit with PayWithMyBank. Why? PayWithMyBank is the least expensive payment option for a nonprofit—less expensive than accepting credit cards, debit cards or PayPal. PayWithMyBank also costs less than a paper check because it takes the nonprofit less time and expense to process.

How secure is PayWithMyBank?

PayWithMyBank leverages your bank’s security infrastructure. In fact, when you use PayWithMyBank, it’s your bank that verifies your identity. If you change your password with your bank online, the next time you use PayWithMyBank you will need to enter your new password.

Does PayWithMyBank store or share my online banking password?

No, PayWithMyBank does not store or share your password. Every time you use PayWithMyBank, you will be required to enter your online banking password.

I’m a techie. What level of security do you use?

All personally-identifiable information is encrypted using the AES 128-bit algorithm (AES/CBC/PKCS5Padding to be specific). In addition, to ensure that each request comes from a legitimate merchant site, we create a unique key and secure the communication with 256-bit SSL encryption.

When I use PayWithMyBank, how do I know my bank info is not accessible to PayWithMyBank or anyone else after payment?

We do not store or share your online banking login information. Your login information is never sent to merchants, so you are protected against the security breaches at retailers that we keep hearing about in the news. Your info remains between you and your bank.

When I use the “remember my bank” functionality, what does PayWithMyBank store about me?

Like with many online banking websites, you can enable “remember my bank” to permit a cookie on your computer to remember your online banking ID, but you will always need to enter your online banking password, which is never stored.

Do I have payment protection with PayWithMyBank?

PayWithMyBank leverages one of the most regulated and established methods of payment under the Electronic Fund Transfer Act’s Regulation E, the same regulation that protects you when you write a check. We comply fully with all National Automated Clearing House Association (Electronic Payments Association) rules and policies that protect consumers against unauthorized transactions from their bank accounts.

How do I receive a payment with PayWithMyBank?

If your insurance provider is in the PayWithMyBank network and you’re awaiting a claim payment, simply sign into your insurance account, log into your bank, and accept the deposit. The funds will appear in your bank account as soon as the next business day.

Why is it better for me to use PayWithMyBank to receive my insurance claim payment?

Processing a claim check can take days or even weeks. Assuming your check is not lost in the mail, once you deposit it, you often have to wait several more days until the funds clear. With PayWithMyBank, your insurance provider makes the funds available to you immediately. You accept the deposit online and the funds are in your bank account and accessible the next business day.

Why do nonprofits prefer donations using PayWithMyBank?

Nonprofits work hard to do the most good with their limited funding. When you donate with PayWithMyBank, nonprofits pay much less for payment processing than they do with credit cards.

How do I make a payment with PayWithMyBank?

When shopping online, using PayWithMyBank is as easy as it gets. From the merchant checkout, select PayWithMyBank and choose your bank. We create a secure connection to your online banking without ever leaving the merchant site. You simply log into your bank with the bank login you know by heart, and confirm the payment.