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Increase Your Reach

Offer payment options to reach all potential donors – including those who don’t have or prefer not to use credit cards. Avoid risk of abandonment by those who don’t have their wallet or checkbook handy.


of Americans DON’T have or prefer to AVOID Credit Cards1


See how PayWithMyBank can help you increase your reach and delight your donors with an easy-to-use experience.

Hassle-Free Donations

We’re the easiest payment option for your donors – they never need to leave their chair! All they need is a U.S. bank account and their online banking username and password to access it.

More $ to Your Cause

Reach your fundraising goals faster. When your donor gives through PayWithMyBank, a bigger percentage of their donation goes to your cause, showing how much you appreciate their hard-earned dollars!

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Example Based on a $100 Donation

Imagine a $1,000 donation! Ready to generate more money for your cause?

Hear what people have to say about PayWithMyBank

Reverend Debbie Moss


“We were so blessed to receive a generous $2,000 donation, but more than a little dismayed to see more than $58 of that donation go to PayPal processing. On top of that, we had to log in and transfer the funds to our account ourselves. We thought there must be a better way for the church to keep more of such a generous donation – and there is! PayWithMyBank lets the church keep more of the donation with fewer steps for us. PayWithMyBank does all of the work so there’s no need for us to do anything but thank the contributor!”

Kristin M


“That’s way easier than entering all of your credit card information.”


1) 29% of poll respondents report they do not have a credit card. Source: Gallup Survey, April 2014, Holmes, T. November 6 2014, “Credit Card Ownership Statistics”.

22% of US adults are “hard core debit users”. 28% of US adults are “reluctants” weaning off credit card use. Source: Fiorio, L., Mau, R., Steitz, J., Welander, T., May 2014, “New Frontiers in Credit Card Segmentation: Tapping Unmet Consumer Needs”, McKinsey’s On Payments