Save Time and Money on Payment Processing

Easily enable recurring payments – great for you and your customers!

Delight your customers with an exceptional payment experience

Reduce the hassle of paper checks and the headaches of regular ACH

Quickly arrange to accept VerifiedACH® payments on your web or mobile site

Avoid paying costly credit card fees – on average 3% of each transaction

Track online payment activity with powerful reporting


See how you can accept online payments at a lower cost without credit card fees with PayWithMyBank.

Save 50% or More Versus Credit Cards

* Service providers include companies in the following industries: utilities, insurance, education, government, healthcare, and property management, as well as organizations with monthly payments, and membership organizations.

Delight Your Customers

We’re the convenient payment option for your customers – a great payment experience with no card or check numbers to enter, no new passwords to manage. Simple, fast, and completely portable.

Easy Payments

Offer online payment options for everyone – including those who don’t have or prefer not to use credit cards – 50% of Americans don’t have or prefer to avoid credit cards1

No Wallet or Checkbook

All your customers need is a U.S. bank account and the online banking ID and password they know by heart

Increase profits when you reduce fees and payment delays


of Americans DON’T have or prefer to AVOID credit cards1


of people who use online banking have their ID and password memorized2

Make it easy for customers who don’t have their wallet or checkbook handy!

Hear what people have to say about PayWithMyBank

Rebecca Henderson


“Payment speed is important to us, and PayWithMyBank has helped us move this needle – in the right direction. We now receive payments faster without the wait for a check, the batching, the processing and the trip to the bank. This means we can give our customers better service, with faster turnaround, every day.”



I really like this option. I like the fact that you have bank names entered. I don’t have to go to my credit card and type in long numbers and look for security codes. It’s just like connecting to my bank.”


1) 29% of poll respondents report they do not have a credit card. Source: Gallup Survey, April 2014, Holmes, T. November 6 2014, “Credit Card Ownership Statistics”.

22% of US adults are “hard core debit users”. 28% of US adults are “reluctants” weaning off credit card use. Source: Fiorio, L., Mau, R., Steitz, J., Welander, T., May 2014, “New Frontiers in Credit Card Segmentation: Tapping Unmet Consumer Needs”, McKinsey’s On Payments

2) 83% of Panel have memorized their online banking username and password.  Source: 1) Survey of 536 US consumers, ages 18-54, evenly split male/female, who have paid a bill online or purchased online in the past 3 months.  Margin of error: ± 5%.  Conducted by uSamp on Oct 8, 2012.