PayWithMyBank takes security very seriously. We work 24/7 to ensure your transactions are safe.

Structured, three-tiered approach to security

Your payment through PayWithMyBank leverages the exact same secure mechanisms you use when accessing your online banking account

The merchants that use PayWithMyBank never have access to the account information necessary to trigger a payment

PayWithMyBank does not store your login / password information and as such cannot trigger any payment without your explicit authorization

Bank-Level Security

  • PayWithMyBank leverages your bank’s state-of-the-art user authentication protocols and security infrastructure. In fact, when you use PayWithMyBank, it’s your bank that verifies your identity and connects you to your account
  • All communications between you and your bank through PayWithMyBank use the same level of security as banks – 256-bit SSL encryption
  • PayWithMyBank is a new user experience on top of a long-established payment method, electronic checks. As a result, in addition to benefiting from strong online banking-based user authentication, you get the banking industry protection related to paper and electronic checks (Electronic Fund Transfer Act’s Regulation E)

Never stored or shared

  • You’re in control – your online banking authentication information is never stored
  • Your information is only used at time of login to connect to your bank account for that transaction and then immediately discarded
  • Similarly, we do not share your authentication information with anyone – not affiliates, not merchants, nor any other website where you pay or get paid using PayWithMyBank

Structured approach to security

  • Your online banking login information is a private matter between you and your bank
  • PayWithMyBank does not store your online banking login information and as such cannot connect to your account without your explicit authorization
  • We use a separate browser window (which pops open) when you are securely logging into your bank so the merchants never see the information that you are entering – and we do not share that information with them otherwise

Encryption, Authentication and 24/7 Fraud Prevention

  • In addition to SSL securing each user session, PayWithMyBank authenticates each merchant request for payment via a unique key, and all personally identifiable information is encrypted using the AES 128-bit algorithm (AES/CBC/PKCS5Padding, to be specific)
  • Beyond encryption, the first defense against fraud is always user authentication – confirming that the person making a payment is indeed the payment instrument owner. When you use PayWithMyBank, your bank verifies your identity before connecting you to your account, so you benefit from all the security and fraud prevention of your bank
  • Although PayWithMyBank’s online banking-based authentication substantially reduces the risks of fraud vs. paying with a credit or debit card, we have set up advanced fraud analysis systems that check for potential fraud 24/7
  • Our practices are continuously monitored and verified by McAfee and VeriSign

At PayWithMyBank, security is our top priority.

We would love to talk more about security with you. Please contact us at with Security in the subject line, and we will get back to you.

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Rebecca Henderson


“Payment speed is important to us, and PayWithMyBank has helped us move this needle – in the right direction. We now receive payments faster without the wait for a check, the batching, the processing and the trip to the bank. This means we can give our customers better service, with faster turnaround, every day.”



“Just a few clicks, quick and painless. I liked it.”